About Us

Emerald Blooms & Events began in July of 2022 after two years of pandemic life. Although I worked in the creative space of graphic design and campaign development helping big corporate brands, I felt like my own creativity wasn't being expressed and I needed a big change. As a flower lover at heart, flowers became the perfect medium to help bring my creativity to life. After years of freelancing and shadowing other florists as well as taking courses with the most popular florists in SoCal, Mexico and the mid-west, I decided to start my own venture and open Emerald Blooms & Events. 

I believe flowers are an intimate gift and so much can be said with an arrangement. They also help celebrate life's most special moments and that's exactly what I want to be a part of. 

My goal is to bring a touch of luxury, joy and passion into every arrangement and event we work on. 

-Paola Cervantes, Founder & Lead Designer


Our goal is to reflect and respect nature's natural forms and colors, so we'd describe our style as garden-like with a touch of modern luxe. We take chances with bright colors, unique recipes, and vessels but as a new florist we also want to make sure our work isn't adding to our carbon footprint. Ultimately this is a joint venture so we'll always recommend environmentally friendly products but will respect our budget conscious clients who deserve a beautiful arrangement or event.